Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Look #013: Brand new me... Sort of!!

               Welcome boys and sexies to another edition of The "V" Spot!! I recently visited the "Mens wear fashion week" fair, as you may know if you read my last post... The Gran Torino glasses, shown again here, were in fact one of many MWFW exclusives, of which too many, much to my chagrin, didn't really speak to me.... That being said, I DID end up coming back from my little shopping trip with some great items, and a few thousand lindens poorer...
               Lets call this my "best finds" outfit... A compilation of stuff, older and newer, that caught my eye at the fair, topped off, quite perfectly, by this month's exclusive Men's Dept. [INK] Totes hair... I mention it simply because this will be one of my new go-to hair... it's just that amazing!!
              So now... Here is, as usual, the complete list of apparel and accessories that I used to put together this awsome grungy look...
             Thank you again for reading and motivating me to keep bringing you guys these cool outfits... A friend of mine said to me recently how she was kind of upset with how the guys on SL dont really put any effort into their looks, not realising that "women like to perv too!" I guess that means we need to step up to the plate, fellows!! Oh and ladies, if you're reading this? You're more than welcome to take some notes and drag your men to the stores listed above... Lets get the men lookin' good!!!


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