Thursday, 22 May 2014

Look #014: Into the unknown...

                Greetings, readers!! This is kind of an important post for me... and for many exciting reasons! I know some of you might think my blogs are few and far between, and you're absolutely right, they have, indeed, been spread apart considerably these last few weeks...
            The reason for it is simple, yet very VERY exciting! See, yours truly has started designing mesh apparel of his own... So now, V-Spot isnt just a blog, its also a brand you can easily find on Marketplace, and soon to be mainstore inworld!!

Now about the outfit... This is a really cool, simple look I put together to show off a couple of great items, but I also wanted to make sure you guys could get a good look at the V-Spot Skinny Black Jeans, one of 5 awesome new release jeans I've designed for all of you guys to enjoy!

Here's the full rundown about today's casual look, and your ride to grab all of these exciting items inworld, or, in V-Spot's case, on Marketplace... at least for now!!
Thank you all for reading.. please share this link and make sure you make it to the Krave Inc. Risque Business Fashion Fair Starting on the 24th... Lots of great, exclusive stuff will be on sale for you compulsive shoppers out there!!! See you there!!!

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