Thursday, 22 May 2014

Look #014: Into the unknown...

                Greetings, readers!! This is kind of an important post for me... and for many exciting reasons! I know some of you might think my blogs are few and far between, and you're absolutely right, they have, indeed, been spread apart considerably these last few weeks...
            The reason for it is simple, yet very VERY exciting! See, yours truly has started designing mesh apparel of his own... So now, V-Spot isnt just a blog, its also a brand you can easily find on Marketplace, and soon to be mainstore inworld!!

Now about the outfit... This is a really cool, simple look I put together to show off a couple of great items, but I also wanted to make sure you guys could get a good look at the V-Spot Skinny Black Jeans, one of 5 awesome new release jeans I've designed for all of you guys to enjoy!

Here's the full rundown about today's casual look, and your ride to grab all of these exciting items inworld, or, in V-Spot's case, on Marketplace... at least for now!!
Thank you all for reading.. please share this link and make sure you make it to the Krave Inc. Risque Business Fashion Fair Starting on the 24th... Lots of great, exclusive stuff will be on sale for you compulsive shoppers out there!!! See you there!!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Look #013: Brand new me... Sort of!!

               Welcome boys and sexies to another edition of The "V" Spot!! I recently visited the "Mens wear fashion week" fair, as you may know if you read my last post... The Gran Torino glasses, shown again here, were in fact one of many MWFW exclusives, of which too many, much to my chagrin, didn't really speak to me.... That being said, I DID end up coming back from my little shopping trip with some great items, and a few thousand lindens poorer...
               Lets call this my "best finds" outfit... A compilation of stuff, older and newer, that caught my eye at the fair, topped off, quite perfectly, by this month's exclusive Men's Dept. [INK] Totes hair... I mention it simply because this will be one of my new go-to hair... it's just that amazing!!
              So now... Here is, as usual, the complete list of apparel and accessories that I used to put together this awsome grungy look...
             Thank you again for reading and motivating me to keep bringing you guys these cool outfits... A friend of mine said to me recently how she was kind of upset with how the guys on SL dont really put any effort into their looks, not realising that "women like to perv too!" I guess that means we need to step up to the plate, fellows!! Oh and ladies, if you're reading this? You're more than welcome to take some notes and drag your men to the stores listed above... Lets get the men lookin' good!!!


Monday, 28 April 2014

Look #012: Formal Confession

            Good day, readers! As you may have noticed, it's been a few days since my last post.. In fact, it's been over a week!! Of course, in SL time, that may seem like an eternity, but to myself, it been a much needed period of reflection, allowing me to take a step back from all the pixel craziness... The truth of the matter is, after yet another failed attempt at finding virtual companionship, I simply needed to get back in touch with my inner self...
           I've been meeting some very interesting people these last few weeks.. Mainly women, of course, who've all been very friendly and, each in their own way, have made me feel very much alive and special again... That being said, it's hard for me to imagine myself embarking once again on the SL relationship route... But dont get me wrong, you won't hear yours truly complain about the attention!!
           Some of you may see me as a player, a bad boy, or maybe even a plain old asshole... But the fact is, I dont really seek anyone's approval, neither do I really give a shit what people think about me!! I know in my heart that I am not ready for something new, simply because I dont even know how much time I will have in the coming months to dedicate to this alternate universe we call Second Life...
           So to the lovely ladies who have been a ray of sunshine in this crazy pixel life of mine these last few days (they know who they are), please understand where I am coming from... I appreciate every moment spent with you, as I think you are beautiful souls and exceptionnal friends... I have done my very best to be honest about where I stand, and very much hope not to lose that connection I've felt with each of you... Maybe someday I'll be ready to commit once again, who knows... But "V" has always been a free spirit, and a damned flirtacious one at that!!
            So now... about the outfit!! This formal look was created for a collaboration I am hoping to do with a very good friend of mine, although I dont know where that'll stand once she reads these lines.. She's a person of extraordinary style and wit, so I felt I had to outdo myself and come up with something remarkable... Special thanks to her as well for sending me the landmark to this beautiful place called Lennon Park... you guys will definitely wanna explore this place, it is now officially one of my favorite regions on the grid!! Here's the info on what you'll need to achieve this look!!
          Again, thank you all for reading this long post... its been a pleasure blogging for you guys so far, and I intend on continuing to impress you guys once in a while with the many great fashion creations SL has to offer... 'Til then, happy shopping and even if SL isnt always a walk in the park... Live, Laugh & Love!!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Look #011: A basketful of goodies!!

           With Easter right around the proverbial corner, I thought it would be fitting to let you in on a very cool, very naughty outfit I came across back in my stripper days... Since The Japan Fair is ending on the 20th, I also decided to blog about that Limited Japan Fair hair by Dura.. A very nice casual hairstyle, which I suspect will be an excellent choice for hats as well... You fellows out there should definitely run down there and grab it before its gone... only 4 days left!!!!!
            So guys.... You wanna impress the ladies this Easter? this is the outfit you need!! Having worn it a couple of times myself, I can tell you for sure you'll get a reaction!! Here's the detailed description of what you need to achieve this "Basketful of goodies" look...
           Hope you've enjoyed today's post... And hopefully, this outfit will make you guys question the ladies view on chocolate being better than sex.... Well... Actually, maybe they can have a bit of both this year... See you again tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Look #010: Let the games begin!!


              The NHL playoffs are set to start tonight folks, and as a proud Canadian, I feel obligated to present you with this awesome hockey fan look... The Habs will be the only (sigh) team this year representing Canada, but that being said, I'm sure they have a decent shot at the Stanley Cup! Here are a couple more fantastic pics of the outfit, featuring a rare Remarkable Oblivion gacha find, and some  very soon-to-be-released Cargo pants by Allure/360 (Yes! there will be a female version of these pants, and will be available in at least 10 different colors I am told!)
            Here's a complete list of the featured gear in this great "hockey playoffs" look I've put together for you guys!! Although the pants will only be available in a couple of days, I strongly advise you go down there and join the store group... You'll not only get some free gifts, but will be the first to know once they hit the shelves!!
         Alright... that's it for today!! Please take a minute and "like" my Facebook page or add this blog to your favorites... More to come tomorrow, so keep looking, and until then, grab a beer, some peanuts, and enjoy tonight's playoff openers... I know I will!!! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Look #009: Full steam ahead!


            A trip to the latest edition of The Limited Bazaar inspired me to put together this new steampunk outfit... After a few minutes looking at my inventory, I realised I had all I needed to make this new outfit a truly remarkable piece of clockwork goodness... Here are a few more pics to show you what I mean!

                For all those curious people out there, here's the list of creators who contributed to today's look... You'll definitely want to go down there yourselves and check out all their awesome gear!!  

Hat: Grim Bros. - Mechavillain Hat

Monocle (right eye): .:Oh !:. - Steampunk Monocle

Industrial eye piece (left eye): [ContraptioN] - Maskineri Eye *industrial* (new @ LB)

Necklace: TRIDENT Jewelry - Steampunk Necklace

Wings: .Arise. - Steam Wings -Brown (Luck of the Irish Gacha)

Tattoo: GrungeInk - Timeless

Harness, armbands & wristbands: Norbo's -  Armbands, wristbands and leather harness

Belt: **JPK - Steampunk Belt

Boots: Norbo's - Steampunk boots

Cane: Talevin's Designs - Steampunk Cane

           Can't wait to see what I have in store for you tomorrow?? Make sure you like my Facebook page so you can see it as soon as it happens... 'Til then, have a great day!!


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Look #008: Making Evil look Good!!


              Once in a while, its always fun to play a bad guy... For today's post, I thought I'd go crazy and let my inner demon claw his way up to the surface, so you guys could find out what great accessories are available to you inworld and on Marketplace...

              Here are a few more pics of this awesome character, enhanced by Tableau Vivant's newest hair available at FaMESHed, along with a great outfit by AVid, some killer claws by Death Row Designs, badass boots by Lapointe & Bastchild and Remarkable Oblivion's spectacular Baphomet Horns...
             There's just so much coolness involved in today's look that you'll definitely wanna write this down, guys... Here's the complete info on how you can make evil look so damned good...
Nose ring & Under the eyes: *P* - Facial Piercing B2 ~black~
Mouth piercings: :Hebanon Vial: - Ink Mouth
Bloody tears make-up: Corvus - Blood Tears Tattoo
           No need to say I'm particularly proud of this one... if you like it, please go to my Facebook page and "like" it, so you can keep up with the awesome new looks I'll keep on serving you with on a regular basis... Also, dont hesitate to share this post on your own personal profiles, as making you look good is the ultimate goal here... Happy shopping, and until next time...