Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Look #010: Let the games begin!!


              The NHL playoffs are set to start tonight folks, and as a proud Canadian, I feel obligated to present you with this awesome hockey fan look... The Habs will be the only (sigh) team this year representing Canada, but that being said, I'm sure they have a decent shot at the Stanley Cup! Here are a couple more fantastic pics of the outfit, featuring a rare Remarkable Oblivion gacha find, and some  very soon-to-be-released Cargo pants by Allure/360 (Yes! there will be a female version of these pants, and will be available in at least 10 different colors I am told!)
            Here's a complete list of the featured gear in this great "hockey playoffs" look I've put together for you guys!! Although the pants will only be available in a couple of days, I strongly advise you go down there and join the store group... You'll not only get some free gifts, but will be the first to know once they hit the shelves!!
         Alright... that's it for today!! Please take a minute and "like" my Facebook page or add this blog to your favorites... More to come tomorrow, so keep looking, and until then, grab a beer, some peanuts, and enjoy tonight's playoff openers... I know I will!!! Thanks for reading!

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