Friday, 4 April 2014

Look #002: Teaching an old rabbit new tricks...

        Its funny how sometimes, when you come across a specific item that just came out, it will inspire you to pull out an old outfit from your SL wardrobe and revamp it... That's exactly what happened to me when I visited FaMESHed this week.... First thing I knew, I was cooking up a cool new look for Easter, and taking one of my favorites out of the closet where it had been for too long!! Add some recent boots, a brand new haircut, and all of a sudden, those Super Bass RAB 8 headphones by Remarkable Oblivion had me lovin' this outfit again... Proof that you can indeed teach an old rabbit some new, exciting tricks.... Here's a list of the featured gear in this post..
Outfit: Justise Barcelos Collection HUNG - Voltage Black leather w Blue
Hair: [INK] Hair - Bloke ( New release at the Men's Dept.)
Headphones: Remarkable Oblivion's Super Bass RAB 8 - Baby Blue (New at FaMESHed)
          Hope you guys like it... Feel free to comment, and again, since this is a new blog, I invite everyone to subscribe, share, like it on Facebook... Let's get the word out that there's a cool new male fashion blog out there!!!! More to come soon... Have a great day!!!!