Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Finding the "V" Spot!!!

            I would like to welcome everyone to the newest Second Life male fashion Blog, The "V" spot... My name is VerTig0 Sands, and I will from now on give you my impressions on SL male fashion, while providing you guys with complete awesome, masculine looks, along with styling cards identifying the clothing, accessories, and avatar components which were used to make them happen..
That being said, there will be no cookie cutter bullshit happening here.. So get ready for a truly unique take on male fashion... Confident, modern, sometimes shocking, sometimes fantasy-looking, but always sexy... Guys... these looks will definitely grab the ladies attention... and ladies, these looks can inspire you to give your men a much needed makeover... I hope you enjoy!!

Stay tuned folks, the very first look will be coming shortly!


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