Friday, 11 April 2014

Look #007: Heavy Artillery

           You know, guys, a very good way to get noticed in a crowd of avatars is to have your very own style... By that, I dont mean lookin' like a clown.... or worse, a noob! What it means is being able to keep it sexy, but also keep it fresh... This post is titled "Heavy Artillery" exactly fot that reason, a perfect example of what to wear when you wanna impress the ladies without going overboard, or looking "over-boring"...

             I assure you fellas, the ladies love a man in uniform... And the hat?? Well... you can consider that to be the cherry on top of your "sexiness" sundae! Here's what you'll need to make this look happen!!...

Hat: Eudora 3D - Steampunk Hat Black

Hair: Argrace - Peyton Black

Eyes: IKON - "sunrise" Eyes Light Bronze

Necklace: Druidamus Whisper - And time is running out for us

Jacket: ::GB:: - Vintage Denim Jacket Black

Belt: **JPK - Bad To The Bone

Jeans: =Razorblade Jacket= Jaw Breaker Grunge Jean/// Stonewash v2

          Hope you've enjoyed today's post, as I litterally had to dodge bullets while doin' that photo shoot.. That being said, PLEASE take a very quick minute of of your time and go like my Facebook page, so you guys can see when I have a new post up!! 

          Thanks for reading!!!!  

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