Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Look #006: Sexy n' I know it!!

         Today I was sent a gift by my good friends over at GrungeInk, one of the best tattoo designers on the grid... Wasnt before I actually put it on that I truly realised how fuckin' sexy it really was! So I hopped into a pair of jeans, and decided to go for a bite to eat, grinning evilly as people were reading my back... Forget Hallmark, nothin' says it quite like a GrungeInk tattoo!!

        Here's a closer look at the hardware, awesome piercings, mesh ears, and a really cool unisex necklace that's sure to enhance any grungy outfit...
          Okay, here's the info on all the featured items in this post...
         Hope you enjoyed this post... Now, however, time for a burger and some fries, while I hit on that sexy waitress... Have a nice day everyone, happy shopping, and again, thanks for reading!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey its that sexy waitress i just wanted t say i hope you enjoyed my milkshake as much as i enjoyed this post! ;)