Thursday, 17 April 2014

Look #011: A basketful of goodies!!

           With Easter right around the proverbial corner, I thought it would be fitting to let you in on a very cool, very naughty outfit I came across back in my stripper days... Since The Japan Fair is ending on the 20th, I also decided to blog about that Limited Japan Fair hair by Dura.. A very nice casual hairstyle, which I suspect will be an excellent choice for hats as well... You fellows out there should definitely run down there and grab it before its gone... only 4 days left!!!!!
            So guys.... You wanna impress the ladies this Easter? this is the outfit you need!! Having worn it a couple of times myself, I can tell you for sure you'll get a reaction!! Here's the detailed description of what you need to achieve this "Basketful of goodies" look...
           Hope you've enjoyed today's post... And hopefully, this outfit will make you guys question the ladies view on chocolate being better than sex.... Well... Actually, maybe they can have a bit of both this year... See you again tomorrow!!

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